Links in the Press:

February 3, 2011 Town of Mount Airy officially opposes PATH plan

October 15,2010 Fate of PATH still undecided

Large Scale Offshore wind power:

March 11,2010 Columbia Professor Echoes Residents Fears

Jan.14, 2010 Wall Street Journal  Falling Electricity Demand Trips Up Utilities’  Plans for Infrastructure Projects

Jan.6,2010 The New York Times article about the lack of need for PATH

Sept. 1,2009 Washington Times

Our neighbors share concerns about location of massive substation

Sen. Harry Reid Wants to Take Your Land and Give It to Power Companies

Gov. O’Malley campaigns on clean energy and lower electricity rates,  but as you learn about PATH’s  coal power plant and 14.3% rate of return that will be paid by ratepayers  you may wonder where the governor stands . Go to TAKE ACTION page for Gov. O’Malley’s contact information, find out if he cares about us and/or  the detriments imposed by Allegheny’s PATH.

Susan Denny’s Letter to the Editor

Curious about the dirty Coal Power Plant that will fuel PATH?

Bombing at US Electric Substation:

A Path to Dirty Energy:

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