PJM recommends suspension of PATH project; Potomac Edition withdrawls application

On February 28th, PJM recommended that the current PATH project be suspended until further studies can be conducted.  The primary rationale for the construction of the PATH line was based on the analysis performed by PJM which pointed to the need for the additional power in the northeast by 2015.  More recent analysis has led PJM to the conclusion that the need for this power will likely be delayed by several years.  Click here for PJM’s recommendation and click here for Potomac Edison’s withdrawal notice as a result of this recommendation.

While this is certainly a positive development and something that should be celebrated, it should be noted that PJM did NOT recommend that the PATH project be canceled permanently.    Potomac Edison paid $6M for the farm at the proposed substation location and you can be sure they won’t let that investment go to waste.  We must still be vigilant in working to get all required entities (PSC, Frederick Zoning Board, etc.) to conclude, without exception, that the substation cannot be constructed at the proposed location even if/when the project is restarted.

As such, the Spring Fling fundraiser is still set for March 19th at 7:30 so that we have the funds to continue our legal representation.  Click here for the details of that event.  We can’t let up — you can be sure Potomac Edison won’t!

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