Board of Zoning Appeals: Decision to be announced

On Saturday, 11/13/10, the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals held their third hearing on the proposed substation.   The day started at 9am with CAKES attorney Scott Miller who introduced 2 expert witnesses:  Wayne Six, residential appraiser and Jeff Holtzinger, civil engineer.  Mr. Six explained how many of the families surrounding the farm would get ‘slammed’ as they look down at the farm ‘like a bowl’.  There would be significant devaluation for many homes from 12% or more.  Mr. Holtzinger testified that the proposed landscaping was inadequate. Both Sugarloaf Conservancy and Sierra Club testified against the Application. Over 40 residents then offered testimony as to specific points or their personal situations.  The meeting ended at 10pm after a total of 13 hours. The board will announce its decision this Thursday at 7pm at Winchester Hall in Frederick:

12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Here are some additional articles detailing the hearing on Saturday:

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