Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing

On Wednesday, 9/29/10, the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals held their hearing on the proposed substation.  The hearing began at 1:00PM and stopped at approximately 11:30PM.  It was a very, very long day.  Those of you who watched on television, got a feel for what it was like.  The hearing did NOT complete on 9/29/10 and will need to be continued on 10/14/10.  PATH presented 5 out of 7 witnesses who were then cross examined.  They’ve still got 2 more witnesses to present.  Then the opposition groups get to present and then public testimony will be allowed.  This means there will be at least one, and possibly two more hearing meetings.  The next will take place on Thursday, 10/14/10, at 7:00PM.  The hearing will take place in Winchester Hall in Frederick:
12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Once again, your attendance is crucial.

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