URGENT: Must-Attend Hearings

PATH/Allegheny has filed for a Special Exception with the Frederick County Planning Commission and the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on Wednesday, September 15th on the consistency of the ‘Kemptown Substation’ with the Frederick Comprehensive Plan.  The Board of Zoning Appeals will hold hearings on Wednesday, September 29th.  Allegheny will present its case, then “parties recognized by the board” can cross-examine and give testimony. Individuals will have four minutes to speak as well.

Here are the exacts dates, times, and locations:

Frederick County Planning Commission Hearing on Substation
–       Wednesday, September 15th, 7:00pm
–       Winchester Hall in Frederick, MD
–       12 East Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick County Board of Appeals
–       Wednesday, September 29th
–       1:00-5:00pm & 7:00-11:00pm
–       Winchester Hall in Frederick, MD
–       12 East Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701

In a nutshell, the proposed location of the substation is zoned to be agriculture and the size, etc., of the substation is such that, if they want Frederick County’s approval to build it, they’re going to need to get an exception.  We’ll provide more details as they become available and will also provide you with information on things you can do to help prevent this.   One thing is for certain.  We need as much community involvement as possible at these hearings. Tell your neighbors, your friends, your family, your coworkers, and anyone else you can think of.  Plan to take the days off if at all possible.  The hearings will be in Frederick.  Please mark these dates on your schedules.

Please Donate: In order to prepare for these extremely important hearings, we desperately need everyone potentially affected to contribute.  Tens of thousands of dollars in property value as well as the health and safety of our families, and the entire quality of life of our community is at stake.  The cost to support this effort now is a small percentage of what the ultimate cost may be.  Please click the donate button to contribute.

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